It's only progress if it serves everybody.

There is no “I” in “We.” Our services are specifically geared towards equal consideration of all individuals, regardless of their background, context, or origin. To figure out how to best serve you and protect your interests, our consultants are dedicated to running medical and psychological examinations designed to build a profile of your potential.

What if people evolved

even today?

Evolution is a process of adapting to one’s surroundings, developing precautions against dangers in one’s environment. What if, because of our complacencies when it comes to urgent and relevant social issues, people begin to augment themselves and artificially evolve in response to the problems that they face?

The world is rife with social issues that endanger the lives of people or harken back to old crises that have become community-defining, impacting the lives of individuals many generations later, even to this day. The effects are almost akin to an evolutionary response to stress; rather than being offered solutions to these issues, people are forced to develop reactions. These defense mechanisms could also be voluntary augmentations, features they opted to adopt to protect themselves. But we don’t want a world full of evolutions defined by struggle.

Modulus advocates for social change through the dismantling of harmful social paradigms. We are here today because the world invested in the things that truly matter—and we encourage our clients to do the same.



What if

Filipinos produced flowers on their bodies in honor of their history of peaceful revolutions?

African Americans augmented their blood and skin as life-saving measures against rampant police brutality?

People in countries with food insecurity gain the ability to photosynthesize to sustain themselves?

Women develop enhanced spider-like senses as a means of detecting and escaping from threats to their safety?

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