Modulus is a speculative design project that aims to create a social conversation around the topic of bioethics, synthetic biology, and morphological freedom in relation to the human identity.

For this project, we researched on topics of transhumanism, bioethics, morphological freedom, human identity, dignity, and synthetic biology.

Our research has led us to question what the limits of identity are and how these boundaries can inhibit human progress. Unequal opportunity and stringent, conflicting ideas of what can and can’t be done to modify one’s personhood has made society an uneven playing field; many are privileged to invest in themselves while others are not as fortunate, and science remains largely conservative and underfunded. In our mind, present policies and research should be approaching a future in which technological advancements allow us to design our uniqueness without worrying about the limits our natural-born bodies or even social status confer us.

In response to this, we endeavored to imagine a reality in which wide-ranging scientific collaborations and progressive policy-making have led to a world that encourages the redefinition of human nature through body alteration. Stem cell research, human-animal hybrids, and genetic engineering could liberate us from our biological limitations without necessarily devolving into bioterrorism; it could instead be the answer to what makes us unequal and unable to thrive uninhibited.

The result of this speculative future is Modulus, an advanced human enhancement company in the 2100s born out of the desire to defy the barriers of our morphological freedom.

To know more about the research behind this project please download our Research Report


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